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Come, buy my things... Rare Swear/Cyberdog/Yunkfuktoi/NO:Wear/AtMightyBoosh/Miss Sixty/Corpse Bride/

September 15th, 2011 (05:22 pm)


Prices don't include postage/paypal fees, buyers can collect from me in North/central/south-ish London! If you don't like the prices, then for the love of jeebus make me an offer!

I will consider trades for anything All Saints (black, size 10-12), or anything else with cowl-necks/structured tailoring/arty skulls. Or nice boots (ha).


(please note: the Vicious dress and the dreads are on hold, but may be free if you want second dibs)

xsjdx [userpic]

The Alternative Bring and Buy Sale - July 25th!

June 22nd, 2010 (12:34 pm)

Alternative Bring and Buy sale, London - 25 July 2010

Yes, it's finally here...it took some planning (damn festival season) but put Sunday 25th July in your diaries!

For a mere entry fee of 50p, you can come on down and browse stalls selling all things goth, cyber, punk, fetish, whatever...from clothes (both second hand and new), jewelery, crafts, music and much more!


As above, we sold out in a RECORD 4 DAYS this time, so you really need to join our mailing list to get ahead of the stall rush! To get on our mailing list or our reserve list, just email us at sellers@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

Any other enquiries to: enquiries@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

Visit our website on www.alternativebringandbuy.co.uk for more details/photos of past events/reviews etc...

(Our Facebook event page is here, and our Facebook group is here)

xsjdx [userpic]

Less than a week to go...and it's going to be a BIG one! ^_^

March 2nd, 2010 (05:09 pm)

Not long now; we have over 40 stalls selling:

* Second-hand goth/cyber/alt clothing, CDs, books and ecelctica
* Well-known traders such as Spank Clothing and Diversity Hair
* Talented craftspeople selling hand-made jewellery, steampunk clothing/accessories, artwork, pyrographed ornaments etc...

Not only that, but we have a bar and DJs to provide a great backdrop to your shopping ^_^

Alternative Bring and Buy sale, London - 7 March 2010

Website hyar
Facebook group hyar

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It's back - in time for Xmas! The Alternative Bring and Buy Sale - 06/12/09

September 17th, 2009 (11:59 am)

Alternative Bring and Buy sale, London - 6 December 2009

Yes, after our HUGELY successful August Sale (with over 40 stallholders and 200 shoppers - and a few members of the Press too!), we're back with our Xmas event. Whether you want to make some money for the holidays, or pick up some cracking gifts, it's a great event - we even have a bar and DJs providing some great background tunes :)

We're nearly sold out of our stalls - over 40 went in 5 days! o_O However, we do have the following left:

5 rail spaces (BYO rail) at £6 each (payment required upfront via Paypal)

...so if you want to come and sell your wares, email me (Steph ) on sellers@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk - don't leave it too late!

More info can be found on our website - www.alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

Our Facebook group is here

Our Facebook event page is here

xsjdx [userpic]

Only 11 stalls left - and it's only been a week!

July 8th, 2009 (02:14 pm)

After just a week of publicity, we now have only 11 spaces left (2 tables, 7 clothing rail spaces and one humongous 4ftx8ft table) out of our 42 stalls.

So please, if you are thinking about having a stall, don't leave it too long!

Again, prices are as follows:

* table £6
* rail space (BYO rail) £6
* table + rail space (again, BYO rail) £8.50 ***SOLD OUT***
* large table (only one of two left) £11

Any enquiries to: enquiries@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

If you want to go ahead and book your stall:

(please note; if you are booking a stall we will be asking for the payment in advance via Paypal. We'll email you an invoice once your stall is booked).

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Clearout... *updated on 6th April*

April 20th, 2009 (03:06 pm)

Right. I am still chasing payment for work done over a month ago! Grrr.

So for now, I'm having a clearout of stuff (mostly clothing) - just holler if you want something from here:


xsjdx [userpic]

I'm selling some stuff...

January 24th, 2009 (09:39 am)

...here, if anyone is interested. ^_^

(clothes and shoes, both mens and womens)

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The Alternative Bring and Buy Sale is back - yaaaay! ^_^

October 7th, 2008 (11:26 pm)

Yes - once again the Alternative Bring and Buy Sale sets up camp at The Dome.
Come and browse stalls selling all things from clothes (both second hand and new), jewellery, crafts, music and much more! Perfect to pick up a Xmas gift or ten ;)

Or, if you fancy making a bit of cash for the festive season, why not book a stall - prices start from £5 for a single table or rail space (BYO rail)

Any enquiries to: enquiries@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

Pass it on! ^_^

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A quick pimp...

September 16th, 2008 (12:03 pm)


...its the LJ community for the London Goth Meetup Group. A handy little resource which will be able to alert members to events both on and off the calendar (we will try to keep it LGMG relevant, i.e. events connected with our members)

Only the group organisers will be able to post events, but if you have an event/club etc that will be of interest to us, do send me a message with the details :) And please, pass this on!

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Hear me Rawwwwr

August 6th, 2008 (08:22 pm)

current mood: self sufficient

I have just re-sealed the bath with my shiny new silicone gun (after a breach in the old seal caused the ceiling to manifest a dodgy brown patch - in a cupboard thankfully).

I am filled with a sense of achievement. It's the small things...


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